Our featured work

Over the years, Jimtech has created some of the most incredible award-winning customs showcars and fabrication. This gallery is just a sample of what we can do.

JimTech at the Playboy Mansion

Caution, sexy time ahead.

67 Photos

\'72 Scamp

144 Photos

Flamed NAStruck

25 Photos

Custom Viper

103 Photos

Fired Up Challenger

Bad. Black. Flamed. This late model Challenger is one of our finest examples of realistic flames and incredible attention to detail.

18 Photos

Autorama LS7 Camaro

Jeff\'s 1969 Custom LS7 Camaro

6 Photos

Jim\'s \'65 Mustang

What started out as a beater was turned into an award-winning Autorama showcar by Jim himself.

28 Photos

Cobra from xXx Movie

No, not the movie you hide from your wife, the major motion picture called \"xXx\" starring Vin Diesel and Samuel L. Jackson. Jimtech was responsible for the Cobra looking sharp.

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2005 Chevrolet Cobalt SS Time Attack Unlimited

Chevrolet and Jimtech worked together for this SEMA showcar.

10 Photos

MOPAR Pro Stock Cars

Jimtech\'s paint has gone 6-seconds in the quarter mile. These cars just looked fast sitting in our paint booth.

15 Photos

Muddy Jeep

Nope, that ain\'t really mud but a custom job done for Jeep.

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Solstice and Red Bull Rally Cars

There\'s more to life than a straight line. Our work was on the side of these awesome Solstice Rally cars.

12 Photos

Various Jimtech Projects

A gallery chock full of various projects we have done. Top Fuel Dragsters, Bikes, Flames, and more. This is just a sliver of what we have done over the years.

30 Photos

VW Microbus

Far out.

10 Photos

World\'s Fastest Neon

Ever wonder what it takes to be the World\'s Fastest Neon? A layer of Jimtech artistry to start off with.

4 Photos